Short, old human, with seemingly unlimited power


Current relationship: Ally, Guide

Physical description: Short, balding old man with the typical half circle of white gossamer hair that comes with obscene age. His face tells the story of a younger man—Finnegan’s eyes are bright with intelligence and curiosity and he does not move with great limitation like other men his age. (whatever age that is)

Known relationships:
Son, Beezil
“Friend”, Sierra
Enemy, King Jerrith


The group first met Finnegan behind bars—on the same prison ship where they all met. When they hit land, the town immediately revolted against this strange man, associating them rest of the party with him immediately. They fled into the forest, where they fought together against the creatures of the dark woods.

Finnegan revealed his true name to them, and told them he knew of a safe place for them to stay in the mountains. He led them to the house of his friend Sierra, where they stayed for several days before heading out on a quest. Despite his initial confessions of his true identity, the group remained very wary of Finnegan.
Though initially highly suspicious of this oddly-powerful man, they soon came to learn from him that he was imprisoned for treason and was to be put to death. His treason came in the form of a militant group of disloyals, the Black Hands, who conspired to dethrone King Jerrith of Wistelle. Though highly capable, FInnegan was captured. He admits that the group was his brainchild, and that he is to blame for their existence today.

He confesses also that his estranged son, Beezil, is the current primary leadership of the Black Hands after Finnegan’s arrest and sentence.

Finnegan has been continually tasking the group with errands to help stop what he thinks may be the end of existence—Beezil’s plot to collect the Artifacts of Ruination to control the Ultimate Evil.

Finnegan usually stays in a heavily fortified tower at the end of the Bee-sting River. There he studies how to foil his son’s plans.


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