The Wonders of Wistelle

Dearest Kitiara

Dearest Kitiara,

I’m writing you now because I don’t know what’s coming next. That is to say, I don’t know if I’ll be able to down the line. Life was more simple when it was just you, Caramon and me back in Solace. I know you’ve not heard from me since I undertook the tower, and I’m sorry for that. LIfe has gotten strange since then. I had almost passed the Test when things went wrong. I got a little ahead of myself again I’m afraid. I can’t get into it much, it’s why I’ve been on the run. So much has happened since, I don’t know where to begin. My magic has grown, but not without cost. The tower left me… broken in a way. I still have so much to learn.

There’s a group I’ve been traveling with, I’ll tell you about them in letters to come. A motley crew of sorts, it’s hard to say what to make of us. We are well suited to each other, and seem to be holding our own against most anything that comes our way. More importantly we’re not only bystanders in the world anymore, we’ve found purpose. I don’t know how much I should tell you so I’ll keep it simple. The group and I have uncovered an ominous plot. Have you heard of The Black Hand? We believe them to be planning a revival of some ancient dark-hearted evil. We’ve also found help, I think.

I understand if you cannot write in return given your situation. Only know that I’m still here, still fighting. More letters to come I should think. It helps to write things down, helps to keep the mind level.


What had happened to us people
Holy Shit It's weird here

We went to sleep in the little secret bubble thing Raisin can make. We were supposed to be ok but I had a really weird dream. I woke up and my necklace was gone and scarf was there and he had a clock in his back and he said that my necklace was still there even though i couldn’t find it. He showed me a mirror and it was TATTOOED onto me. There was a girl V. I thought he was a guy but not now. Raisin wasn’t there and Hazel was real size again but her hair was gone. There was a big monstery thing coming towards us so we ran but the path was rock spiders and the trees didn’t change when we went passed them. We heard a help yell and went towards the voice. It was a shiny blue lady with no eyes and she needed help and scarf touched her and he disappeared! Raisin talked to me in my head, i still didn’t see him but he said he was there. we fought the monster with lady V and i got bit by the monster but then scarf came back and he helped and the monster died. I got pinched and woke up and we were all back to normal.
It was time to go fight the last group fight. There were 4 peoples to fight and one had a big bird it could sit on and we started fighting and the bird picked up a guy and they flew high up in the air and another girl had a magic rope and went up to the peoples in the stands. V killed the big bird and the two guys fell into the stands and there was another guy to fight and i tried but fell into the sand and then there were sooo many bad guys in the stands that were killing nice people and so we stated fighting them. Raisin put the rope lady into a bubble thing and she couldn’t move. I killed the guy that was still in the arena with us and Scarf and I climbed into the stands and started killing the bad guys and Raisin and V killed people with shooty things like arrows and spells. They put lord castelain and hazel into a bubble so they woud be safe. We fought lots of bad guys and Raisin took the bubble away from rope lady and I killed her with rage!!!
The bad guys ran away and we talked to lord casetelain again. V went with him and Scarf and Hazel stayed to help people and Raisin went to do study things and I went to see if Bosferous knew anything abut the bad guys but he didn’t so I went to lord casterlainene’s house and he gave us the Box of Ozma-ya that was our trophy for winning the tournament but no one can open it and now I have it in my backpack to keep it safe. I don’t know if we will get to fight our alone fights but I am sad because I was having fun with those. I need to remember to ask Raisin if he has the money I loanded him. I need to buy some stuff.

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