A diminutive human with a constant smirk


Current relationship: Ex-cohort (left on good terms)

Physical description: When his “normal” face was visible, Fig had a cleanly shaved head and bright, hazel eyes. Closer to middle age than youth, he maintained a spring in his step.

Known relationships:
Friends, The Party
Brother in arms (unnamed), that he left to help


Fig was an original member of what soon become a loose group of adventurers and semi-redeemed criminals. Fig was instrumental in helping the party escape their initial prisons on the ship that was carrying them to their death. He stayed with them through the town that chased them into the forest, through the woods to the Hunna Hunna Mountains, and to the castle where a dragon saw through his clever disguise. Shortly after, Fig the Rogue was summoned away by an old friend in dire need of his help.

Fig was in possession of a mask that could alter his face to look like another person’s, though he had to “take it” from them.


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