King Jerrith

A sallow, gaunt man, whose young body looks as if its worn too many years


Current Relationship: Kidnapped

Physical Description: A gaunt young man who looks as though they have seen the stresses of the word.
Known relationships:
Enemy, Finnegan
Adviser, Beezil
Heir, None
Spouse, None


King Jerrith is the current King of the land of Wistelle

Finnegan says that he rebelled against King Jerrith for his evil work in the kingdom, though what that is has not been mentioned.

Not much is really known about the King other than that he’s currently missing. Those in the capital city said that he was heir-less, and the last of the royal line. They also mostly agreed that he wasn’t much interested in protecting the kingdom, and more invested in protecting his own interests.

Rumors: Potentially working in collaboration with The Black Hands [unconfirmed]

Current status: Missing. He is presumed dead by the rest of the country, but is known by the party to be held captive by Meraxis.

King Jerrith

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