Meraxis, Green Dragon

A proud green dragon, can't miss him


Current relationship: Ally…?

Physical description: Green, adult dragon

Known relationships:
Friend, Sierra
Owner, Kierra [dead]
Friend, Finnegan
Enemy, King Jerrith


Meraxis was released long ago by the fledgling party on their first quest into the hills. He said he was the favored pet of SIerra’s sister, Kierra, before she died, trapping him in the mountain. He’s helped the party on occasion in their fight against the Black Hand. He’s been surprisingly helpful, despite the fact green dragons are known to be Evil.

He was instrumental in the Siege of the Black Hand’s lair, and the Siege of the Capitol, but disappeared once he had the King in his claws. He has since been very difficult to contact, and seems uncooperative in releasing his new captive.

Meraxis, Green Dragon

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